Solgar's PM Phytogen Complex for Hot Flashes and Menopausal Symptoms

This month, I wanted to briefly write about a product that is literally amazing for hot flashes and menopausal symptoms- Solgar’s PM Phytogen Complex.

This PM Phytogen Complex uses a rare extract of the kudzu plant which has been found to naturally contain the phytoestrogen miroestrol, a plant compound that can mimic the activity of estrogen in the body.  More than any other menopause supplement, I have received the most positive feedback by far about this supplement.

Taking miroestrol (by using this PM Phytogen Complex) is not adding hormones to the body, and studies have shown that miroestrol has no effect on estrogen, but rather it is able to “trick” the body into thinking it is getting estrogen.  Because it binds to estrogen receptors, it is very effective at reducing undesirable menopausal symptoms.

Some people are worried about phytoestrogens because of talk about issues with breast cancer.  The miroestrol from kudzu in our PM Phytogen Complex known as Pueraria mirifica has been studied and found to be actually reduce breast cancer risk.  Still if you have concerns it’s always a wise choice to speak with your physician.

That being said, we do very much recommend trying Solgar’s PM Phytogen Complex for menopausal symptoms.  I have numerous women who have come in the store with fantastic reviews after taking it, and that many women have found it to be more effective than any other supplement they’ve tried for hot flashes and night sweats.  

The recommended dose is two a day, and some women even see results after the first week, though it is more effective over time.  It’s definitely one to try.