CBD Spotlight

This November we are having a sale on our CBD oils, which I really wanted to highlight since as a rule, our CBD rarely goes on sale. This is because generally, our CBD vendors do not run sales, so since this was a special thing this month, I wanted to make an extra note of it.

CBD oil is absolutely fantastic for a number of different issues, though it is most commonly used for pain and anxiety.

Our CBD from Green Gorilla, Barleans, and CBD blends from Irwin Naturals are all on sale for 20% off this month.

We’ve written about CBD several times now in our newsletters, so I thought I’d post a few links below to past articles:

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We also have a new line of CBD products in the store this month by Irwin Naturals. I’m especially fond of these new products since they’ve added CBD to supplements we’ve already tried and recommend, in particular their Power to Sleep and Stress Defy

Both of these are powerful, effective herbal formulas on their own that we use and recommend at the store; adding CBD to these blends just increases their amazingness, so if you’re looking for a supplement for either sleep or stress, I couldn’t recommend these two any higher  Also, like the rest of our CBD oil listed above, these new formulas will also be on sale for 20% off for the month of November.


Finally, I wanted to mention that we will have a representative in the store on Saturday, November 3rd from 10-1 to offer free sampling of our USDA certified organic CBD oil from Green Gorilla. If you’ve been on the fence about CBD, I would very much recommend that you stop by that day to see what  all the talk is about!