Natural Pet Care

Natural products can work extremely well for helping pets with a variety of ailments, and can actually be significantly less expensive than getting a prescription through a Vet’s office for your pet. As for pet’s human counterparts, we are not at all against doctors and conventional medicine, though if you can do something naturally, that’s always a good place to start.

We don’t have a huge variety of pet supplements at the store, but what we do have, we really stand behind as quality, effective pet supplements (and with everything, if you’re looking for something specific that we don’t have, let us know and we’ll do our best to see if we can order it).

Two supplements I wanted to mention that we really feel are the “best of the best” when it comes to pet supplements is our Green Gorilla Organic CBD for Pets and our Pharm Aloe Crumbles.

As dogs and cats get older, they deal with the very same issues people do- joint pain and inflammation being one of the most common. CBD has become very well known for humans for its benefits for natural pain relief, but those benefits extend to pets as well, in fact, CBD oil for pets has been a miracle for some people in treating their dogs not just for pain, but also anxiety and nervous behavior, and even in treating tremors in aging animals- all of this without causing sleepiness or impairment of any kind.

Dogs are “wired” very similarly to humans when it comes to pain and anxiety and research has shown similar benefits for humans and canines when it comes to CBD. We have both liquid CBD (available in two concentrations) for pets that can be squirted directly in the mouth, rubbed on the gums, or added to foods. We also have new CBD infused dog treats that have drawn some great responses.


In addition to CBD, we have another really amazing product for pets that I wanted to highlight- K9 Crumbles by Pharm Aloe (which are not just for dogs- cats and other small animals can benefit from them too). They are little crumbles that are easily added to food containing a mix of aloe, yucca, and alfalfa.

They work in a variety of ways to help pets, helping them to have a nicer coat (people have reported huge benefits especially to animals who have had skin problems or are experiencing dull or patchy fur), as well as helping digestion and appetite. One of the main reasons people use them is to reduce animal gas as well as fecal odor. In one study, the component yucca in the Pharm Aloe Crumbles reduced fecal odor by 49% in cats and 56% in dogs, so using these crumbles can really help with a stinky dog or cat.

We have a limited supply of free samples of the Pharm Aloe Crumbles available at the store, which contain enough for several uses to make sure pets like them. Feel free to stop in to get a sample pack to see if the crumbles are something your pet would like. The benefits can really be astounding.

Two Fantastic New Pet Supplement Lines: Vital Planet & NOW Pets

This month, I wanted to have a focus on natural pet supplements.  Many people don't think about supplements for pets, but there are specific supplements that can be especially beneficial for dogs and cats- supplements for joints and mobility, skin and coat health, and more.

We have two new pet lines available in the store, and I love them both!  The first is Vital Planet, a pet supplement brand that has extremely unique products.  Two of my favorites are probiotic supplements for dogs and cats.  Each has their own targeted variety, since they have very different digestive systems.  Similar to the benefits for humans, supplementing with a pet probiotic can aid in digestion, intestinal and bowel health, as well as supporting a healthy coat and immune system.  Pet probiotics can even help with better smelling “pet breath”.

Among their other great supplements for pets is a really impressive a joint formula, which is nice since aging pets can problem joints just like we do.  Their Hip and Joint Formula combines glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid for cartilage health as well as MSM for reducing inflammation.  They also have a Calm supplement which I’m fond of that can help anxious and “stressed out” pets.  It can even help with curbing destructive behaviors.

Best of all, all of Vital Planets pet products are “pet taste tested” so they’re good tasting, where pets actually like taking them (rather than pills that have to be hidden in a piece of cheese for a dog to even come near).


The second pet line I wanted to briefly mention is one by NOW Foods called NOW Pets.  They’re a brand new line of pet products formulated by Dr. Barbara Royal, a Chicago veterinarian and an internationally renowned pioneer in complementary medicine, combining both Eastern and Western medicine to make a line of pet supplements to be as natural and holistic as possible.


During the month of April, both our Vital Planet pet line and our NOW Pet supplement line will be on sale for 25% off. 

If you have pets, this is a great time to try these fantastic new products!