In 1994, sisters and friends, Joanne and Theresa, bought Pass Health Foods.  

We were shopping at health food stores much of the time, and saw a need for something different: a health food store where the true focus was on helping people and changing lives for the better through vibrant health.
— Joanne Callaghan
Theresa Van Loon and Joanne Callaghan

Theresa Van Loon and Joanne Callaghan

What sets us apart as a store is our employees extensive knowledge and genuine care for our customers. We are extremely well versed in determining the right supplement for a specific problem or person as a whole.

In addition to full lines of vitamins, herbs, and supplements, we specialize in foods for a variety of special diets. 

We currently carry over 500 different gluten free items, and that selection is ever expanding. We also have a wide variety of dairy free, allergen free, vegetarian, and vegan foods as well.

Since we're an independent retailer, we are also able to do special orders, so if there is a product you're looking for that we don't carry, please let us know and we'll try to find it for you.