February Sales

20% off Carlson

30% off Simplers Botanicals Essential Oils (featured here)

30% off Life Flo

25% off Country Life

25% off Barleans Hooty Fruity Fish Oil with Lutein (featured here)

40% off Lundberg Rice

40% off Seven Sunday Granola

25% of Natren’s Healthy Trinity

25% off Aqua Hydrate Alkaline Waters

30% off Daiya Cheesy Mac (Dairy Free)

30% off Sweet Leaf Stevia Powders and Liquids

40% off Annie GF Cheddar Bunny Crackers

25% off Smart Organic Juices

30% off Namaste GF Cake Cup 4 Packs

40% off Boca Burgers and Crumbles

25% off Dr. Brite Tooth Whitening Pens

We have many other items on sale not listed above throughout the store as well!  Stop by and take a look! 


February's Secret Sale Word is "Valentine".

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Everyday Discounts

We have a daily 15% off discount for senior citizens and college students.

We also have a 10% discount for our newsletter subscribers.  In each month's issue there is a "secret word" which will save you 10% off at the register.