June Sales

25% off Jarrow

20% off Nutrigold

25% off Life Seasons

25% off New Vitality and Natural Calm

30% off Tofutti Cuties

40% off Asarasi Tree Waters

25% off Glee Gum

30% off Good Health Chips

25% off Andolou Shampoo & Conditioner

25% off Andolou Body Lotions

25% off Desert Essence Body Lotions

30% off Nubian Heritage Deodorants

25% off Buzz Away Insect Repellents

25% off Pine’s Wheat Grass Products

20% off Himalayan Chef Salt Grinders

25% off Numi Bottled Teas

We have many other sales throughout the store, as well as our longer running ongoing sales, so stop by to take a look! In addition to our many sales, we also have special every day discounts for Seniors, Veterans, College Students, Firefighters, and Police!


June’s Secret Sale word is “Bumblebee”.

There are few things as sweet as watching a plump bumblebee flit from flower to flower on a warm summer's day!

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Everyday Discounts

We have a daily 15% off discount for senior citizens and college students.

We also have a 10% discount for our newsletter subscribers.  In each month's issue there is a "secret word" which will save you 10% off at the register.