Jarrow Macula PF 30ct.

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Jarrow Macula PF 30ct.

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A Synergistic Combination of Three Key Carotenoids to Protect the Eyes’ Maculae Against Oxidative Stress*

MaculaPF™ Function

For Macular Health and Blue Light Protection*

MaculaPF™ Highlights

Formulated with:

  • 20 mg Lutein

  • 10 mg Meso-Zeaxanthin

  • 4 mg Astaxanthin

MaculaPF™ (Protective Factors) Blue Light Protection is a synergistic combination of three key carotenoids to protect the eyes’ maculae against oxidative stress, blue light from all types of screens, LED lighting, and sunlight.* The macula is responsible for focus and color.

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