YS Bee Farms Raw Organic Honey 1lb.

1 1lb organic square.jpg
1 1lb organic square.jpg

YS Bee Farms Raw Organic Honey 1lb.


YS Eco Bee Farms 100% Organic Raw Honey Description

  • You’ll get stuck on the un-bee-lievable balance between delicious and nutritious.

  • A nutrient-dense sugar substitute

  • U.S. Grade A specially harvested raw honey

  • Mild flowery flavor

  • Antioxidant-rich and energy-packed

  • Natural healing agents for nourishing DIY skincare

  • Spoon right out of the jar for a healthy dessert or anytime snack.

When your week is buzzing with busyness, drifting over to the cookie jar feels natural (and completely justified!). One teeny indulgence can feel like a deep-tissue massage on your soul…until regret sets in. Now you’re drowning in an over-processed sugar high that sunk your mood to an all-time low. Before this happens again, navigate your hive of activity with a spoonful of honey.                                   

Honey is nature’s dessert, offering a strong hit of sweetness without taking such a hit to your body. And when you choose the pure pleasure of YS Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey, you’re getting 100% certified organic nectar. It’s specially harvested by healthy bees living in a truly healthy environment – no pesticides, herbicides or pollutants of any kind. Bee warned, though: the high-level antioxidant powers will be swarming.

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