Health Studies- August 2014

Consuming Probiotics for A Month Helps Diminish Fat Accumulation In The Liver

Scientists made important strides through probiotic in the fight against the Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases, which is closely related to obesity and diabetes.  To read more, click here.


Cinnamon may be used to halt progression of Parkinson's disease

Cinnamon may be used to halt progression of Parkinson's disease, study suggests Neurological scientists at Rush University Medical Center have found that using cinnamon, a common food spice and flavoring material, can reverse the biomechanical, cellular and anatomical changes that occur in the brains of mice with Parkinson's disease.  To read more, click here.


DHA omega-3 linked to ‘significantly improved periodontal outcomes

Scientists from Harvard report that supplementation with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) omega-3 may improve periodontal outcomes in people with periodontitis.  To read more, click here.


In Alcohol Abusers, Fish Oil May Reduce Risk Of Neurodegeneration And Ensuing Dementia

In brain cells exposed to high levels of alcohol, a fish oil compound protected against inflammation and neuronal cell death.  To read more, click here.


Valerian Root Shown to Reduce Hot Flashes in Menopause

A recent study found that Valerian root was associated with significant improvement in the severity and frequency of hot flashes in menopausal women.  To read more, click here.


Magnesium supplements may boost physical performance for older women

Daily supplementation with magnesium oxide in combination with a mild fitness program may boost the physical performance of healthy older women, says a new study.  To read more, click here.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids Curb Tobacco Cravings in Smokers
Researchers recently found that omega-3 fatty acids may be an effective, affordable, and safe way to help quit smoking.  To read more, click here.


Chlorella supplements show cardiovascular benefits

Daily supplements containing Chlorella may reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people with mildly elevated cholesterol levels, says a new study from Korea.  To read more, click here.


Lycopene and Blood Vessel Health

A recent study suggests that even when cardiovascular disease is already present, lycopene helps vascular function through its ability to scavenge free radicals that damage blood vessels.  To read more, click here.


Curcumin reduces muscle soreness

A proprietary curcumin extract can ease post-exercise muscle soreness caused by oxidative stress and inflammation, an Italian study has found.  To read more, click here.