Natural Health Studies- February 2016

Higher Omega-3 Index linked to better processing speeds in teenagers
Teenagers with higher blood levels of omega-3s may have better information processing speeds, compared with those with lower levels, says a new study. Read more here.

Curcumin supplements may boost heart health
Consuming curcumin supplements may improve endothelial-dependent dilation (EDD) of blood vessels in middle-aged and older, says a new study. Read more here.

Olive oil polyphenols may boost brain function
Supplementing the diet with olive oil polyphenols may beneficially affect gene expression linked to brain function, says a new study from Italy. Read more here.

Omega-3 linked with lower depressive symptoms
Even in countries with higher fish intakes, omega-3 may lower depressive symptoms, according to Japanese research in over 2000 people. Read more here.

Berries can reduce heart attack and erectile dysfunction risk
Increasing intake of berries and citrus fruits may improve erectile function as well as reduce heart attack risk, researchers at the University of East Anglia and Harvard Medical School have said. Read more here.