Holiday Essential Oil Recipes and DIY Gift Recipes using Essential Oils

We carry two ultrasonic essential oil diffusers by NOW Foods (here’s one, here’s the other) at the store and I love them.  We do sell some premade oil blends at the store, but my favorite thing to do is to mix essential oil blends to make a great room scent.

Here are some favorites (you can add more or less oil depending on your preference and how strong you want the scent to be).  Each can be used in a diffuser or a bath.

3 drops cinnamon bark  
2 drops clove  
2 drops ginger
2 drops vanilla
1 drop nutmeg oil

Holiday Cookies:
6 drops vanilla 
1 drop tangerine

Candy Cane:
3 drops peppermint
4 drops vanilla

Comfort and Relaxation:
4 drops vanilla 
4 drops lavender

4 drops orange
4 drops clove
2 drops vanilla

Peace and Harmony:
4 drops patchouli
4 drops vanilla
3 drops orange

4 drops balsam fir needle
4 drops tangerine
2 drops pine
1 drops anise

Peace on Earth:
4 drops vanilla
3 drops sandalwood
3 drops frankincense
2 drops cedarwood

Holiday Spice:
4 drops cinnamon bark
3 drops clove
3 drops orange
1 drop lemongrass

Under the Mistletoe:
4 drops vanilla
3 drops balsam fir
2 drops juniper berry

Holiday Spirit:
4 drops anise
3 drops lemon
3 drops frankincense

Christmas Eve:
3 drops lavender
3 drops vanilla
3 drops balsam fir
1 drop spearmint

Christmas Tree 
This one is also great mixed in a spray bottle with water and sprayed on an artificial Christmas tree.
5 drops balsam fir
3 drops pine
2 drops cedarwood
2 drops juniper berry


I think of the above recipes my favorites are Peace on Earth, Pomander, Comfort and Relaxation, and Peace and Harmony.  I really can't recommend diffusing oils in your home enough!  


I also came across a webpage* with a DIY "Thieves Oil" Recipe (Antibacterial Oil Blend):
80 drops clove bud oil
70 drops lemon oil
40 drops cinnamon oil
30 drops eucalyptus oil  
20 drops rosemary oil
20 – 40 drops total other oils of choice, including melaleuca (tea tree), frankincense, lavender, etc. (optional)

The above recipe makes enough for an entire bottle, but could be put in a diffuser at the amounts below:

5 drops clove bud oil
4 drops lemon oil
3 drops cinnamon oil
2 drops eucalyptus oil  
1 drops rosemary oil

*In the webpage linked above, the author recommends drinking the above blend, which Pass Health Foods absolutely does not recommend.  No essential oils should be taken internally.  More more information on essential oil safety, read our blog post here.


Essential oil blends can make a variety of amazing homemade gifts; here are a few great ones:


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