Natural Insect Repellents for People, Pets, and Gardens

We have a great new essential oil blend available this month by NOW called Bug Ban. It’s a fantastic mix of essential oils that are very effective at repelling mosquitoes and other nasty summer insects. We also have a few new essential oil based insect repellent sprays available at the store, including a new one especially formulated for young children, be sure to stop by to check them out! 

We also have our own DIY Essential Oil Insect Repellent Recipe on on our website, as well as a great natural Flea and Tick Recipe for Dogs and Cats.

Additionally, I thought I'd link to a great article from our website on how neem oil can be very effective as a natural garden spray against bad bugs in the garden (I actually need to mix up a batch today since something is feasting on my phlox plants).

Enjoy this gorgeous weather!!