Fall Five Essential Oil Blend

These are my favorite smelling essential oils, and while I do use them in the diffuser all year long, they are very comforting and “fall smelling”, so I call them the “Fall Five”.  They are wonderful together (I usually do one part each) or in any combination.  I’ll post a few recipes below.

The Ultimate “Fall Five”

One Part Each of the NOW Foods Brand:

  • Orange essential oil

  • Clove essential oil

  • Patchouli essential oil

  • Cinnamon Bark essential oil (cinnamon cassia can be substituted if preferred it is less expensive, but it has less of a pure cinnamon scent)

  • Vanilla essential oil (you can add more vanilla if desired- I usually do- since it our vanilla mixed with a carrier oil so is not as strong as the pure essential oils above)

Many people ask if we have premade blends, but we like to offer mostly individual oils so you can create your own blends.  Even using the “Fall Five” oils, you can make it a little different every day depending on how you feel.  If you want it to smell a little spicier, add more clove and cinnamon; for a creamier blend, add more patchouli and vanilla; for a brighter, cheery fall blend, add more orange oil.                              
A few other amazing blends using the “Fall Five” Oils

  • Comfort Blend: orange, patchouli, and vanilla essential oils
  • Spice Blend: cinnamon bark, clove, and vanilla oils
  • Pomander Blend: orange and clove essential oils
  • Peace blend: patchouli and vanilla essential oils
  • Orange Spice: orange, cinnamon bark, and vanilla essential oils

I use this blend of oils primarily in my diffuser, but they are also fantastic as a part of a massage oil or added to unscented lotion or shampoo.

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