New Essential Oil Cough Drops and Travel Diffusers by Redd Remedies

We have just gotten in a new line of essential oil throat drops and inhalers that I’m crazy about.  The company’s name is Redd Remedies, and they have the most amazing cough drops I’ve ever tried.  Seriously.  We got a sample a while ago, and I fell in love with them.  We’ve been working to get them in the store and now we finally have them.  They are great tasting and extremely effective cough drops that use essential oils to soothe throats and clear respiratory passages.  They really work.

Also from Redd Remedies, we’ve gotten in two new essential oil inhalers (they actually call them “travel diffusers”), a sinus blend and a lung care blend.  I had been dealing with a lingering respiratory issue for a while, so I wanted to try their lung inhaler to see if it did anything for me. I have to be honest, in that I wasn’t expecting much from the lung inhaler, but was pleasantly surprised- I really felt like after using it my lungs were more open and less constricted.  To use their lung inhaler, you hold it to one nostril and breathe in slowly and deeply.    They also have a sinus inhaler which is really nice for congested sinuses either from colds or allergies.

I’d really recommend trying both the throat drops and their “travel diffusers” (inhalers).  I am a huge fan of them.

Since they’re a new product, we’re having them on sale for 25% off during March.