DIY Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils

This sugar scrub couldn’t be easier, and you can make it right now with items from the kitchen. What could be better?

The basic recipe:

1 part sugar (white or brown, I prefer to use white)
1 part oil*
Essential oils

*You can use any oil you have in the house.  I often make it with olive oil since I always have some in the house, but I’ve also used coconut, grapeseed, and almond oil with wonderful results

You can use any essential oils you like in this recipe.  I frequently will use lavender since I love it, but I’ve used many different oils with good results. The best thing about this scrub is you can't really have a bad result!

The quantity you make will determine the amount of essential oils used.  If I mix ¼ cup of oil and sugar, I will usually add about 10-15 drops of essential oils, though you can make it stronger or weaker to your preferences.

Take care in using cinnamon oil.  If you do decide to use it in a scrub, do so sparingly since it can be irritating to skin.  Citrus oils would probably be a good idea to avoid in a facial scrub since they can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

If using as a facial scrub, I will frequently add in tea tree oil since it has antibacterial and astringent properties.  Some other great essential oil ideas are below.  

•    Sandalwood and/or frankincense for dry skin and wrinkles
•    Grapefruit oil for reducing the appearance of cellulite
•    Juniper for oily skin
•    Sweet orange for reducing the appearance of cellulite- massage from ankle to thigh which will help the lymphatic system
•    Tea tree oil for acne

I always have a batch of this scrub in the house, since it’s so simple to make!