We Have Three New Essential Oil Diffusers Available

We have three new essential oil diffusers available at the store!  All are ultrasonic oil diffusers which use high-frequency electrical vibrations rather than heat to create an ultra fine, cool aromatherapy mist.  They also help to add moisture to the air, which is especially beneficial as we move into the colder months.   

There’s no heat involved, so there is no danger to children, and once the water is used up they shut off by themselves.  I can’t even say how much I love these diffusers, plus, they use only water and essential oils, so there are no refills to buy. 

Our new diffusers are truly unique.  The first (which is my favorite) is a genuine bamboo wood diffuser.  It is absolutely gorgeous and matches wonderfully with any décor.  The second is interesting because it has two vents to direct the aromatherapy vapor in two different directions, so it’s good for large spaces.  Both of these diffusers have settings to run continuously or intermittently (cycling on and off), and can run up to 16 hours on the intermittent setting.

Our third diffuser is a USB diffuser that plugs into a laptop, so it’s great for offices, college dorms, and traveling.

All three of our diffusers are extremely easy to fill and clean.

You can read more about our new diffusers here:

Ultrasonic Bamboo Wood Diffuser

Ultrasonic Dual Mist Oil Diffuser

Ultrasonic USB Oil Diffuser


I honestly cannot recommend these diffusers enough, and they're a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in your home.