DIY Essential Oil Dryer Sheets and Laundry Deodorizer

This simple recipe works very well as naturally a scented “dryer sheet”, and also as an effective deodorizer for laundry!



½ c. white vinegar

16 drops essential oils

Bottle for storage (I’m using an old water bottle)


Combine the vinegar and essential oils in your bottle and shake before using. Before putting laundered clothes in the dryer, pour a small amount (a couple tablespoons) of the vinegar mixture on a clean cloth or sock. The vinegar smell will deodorize the laundry but dissipate as it dries, leaving you fresh smelling laundry lightly scented with essential oils!

You can use any combination you like (my favorite is a mix of bergamot and spearmint, I also like lavender), just avoid using thick, dark colored essential oils like patchouli, myrrh, etc.

I have used this recipe on several loads of laundry without any issues with staining, but I would use caution with delicate fabrics.

If you like the recipe, feel free to double or triple it for convenience. I personally like making it in small batches so I can change the scent frequently.