Homemade Lip Balm: Lavender Vanilla and Vanilla Rose

This recipe makes a LOT, and can be easily halved.  It made a total of seven lip balm tubes, seven small lip balm containers, and one full 1 oz jar.  We have all sorts of empty containers available at the store for doing DIY health and beauty.


1 1oz. bar of beeswax
4 tbs. coconut oil
4 tbs. cocoa butter  
Essential oils 


Prepare your ingredients and open all lip balm containers so the liquid beeswax mixture can be quickly poured and easily filled.

Melt beeswax in a double boiler.  If you don’t have a double boiler (like me!) you can use a small bowl in a pot of water.  Once the beeswax is melted, add the coconut oil and cocoa butter.

Pure cocoa butter is hard, so I found it easiest to scrape the cocoa butter with a spoon in its jar and then pouring the shavings it into my measuring spoon.

Stir ingredients with a metal spoon until melted.

Once all the ingredients were melted, I separated the recipe in two halves so I could try two different flavors.  This isn’t necessary, though I’m happy I did.  I would advise using a pyrex or something with a spout.  I tried using pipettes, but found that just pouring the beeswax mixture into the lip balm tubes was the easiest, since the mixture started solidifying in the pipette before I could fill all the containers.

For each recipe half I used the following amounts of oil:

I don't like very strongly flavored/scented lip balms, so if you do you may want to increase the amount of essential oils by a few drops each.

Vanilla Lavender
15 drops NOW vanilla blend
10 drops NOW lavender

Vanilla Rose
15 drops NOW vanilla blend
25 drops NOW rose blend

I wanted to make unique flavors that weren’t commercially available.  I really love them both!

Next time I will try adding lemongrass or bergamot oils, though I would reduce the amount of total drops since the NOW vanilla and rose blends are mixed with a carrier oil, so they isn’t as strong as a pure essential oil.  

I will absolutely be making this recipe again.  I am a lip balm fiend, and go through lip balm very quickly (partially since I’m always forgetting them in my pockets before I put them through the washer/dryer.  I would very much recommend trying it!