Holiday Lip Balm with Essential Oils

I am a lip balm fanatic, and love DIY recipes, so this is a great recipe for making a holiday themed lip balm! If you’ve never made lip balm, it’s very simple and economical too- one recipe makes a LOT of lip balm, so it’s perfect for gift giving. We sell all the necessary ingredients and lip balm tubes at the store. You can use your own combinations of essential oils, but one that I really like is with our Christmas Eve essential oil recipe blend.

This recipe made a little over 13 tubes of lip balm.

1 1oz. bar of beeswax
3 tbs. coconut oil
3 tbs. cocoa butter (or shea butter) 

Essential oils:
25 drops spearmint essential oil
20 drops lavender essential oil
15 drops balsam fir needle essential oil
15 drops vanilla essential oil (optional)

Ingredient note: Previously I’ve used 4 tbs. each of coconut oil and cocoa butter, though I used 3 tbs. this time for a harder, waxier balm.  If you’d prefer a softer lip balm, increase the amounts of coconut and cocoa butter (you may want to add a few extra drops of essential oils as well if increasing the recipe)

Essential oil note: I don't like very strongly flavored/scented lip balms, so if you do you may want to increase the amount of essential oils by a few drops each. 


For a complete instructional rundown with pictures, see our lavender vanilla lip balm recipe post.

Prepare your ingredients and open all lip balm containers so the liquid beeswax mixture can be quickly poured and easily filled before it starts to harden.

Melt beeswax in a double boiler.  If you don’t have a double boiler (like me!) you can use a small bowl in a pot of water.  Once the beeswax is melted, add the coconut oil and cocoa butter.

Pure cocoa butter is hard, so I found it easiest to scrape the cocoa butter with a spoon in its jar and then pouring the shavings it into my measuring spoon.

Stir ingredients with a metal spoon until melted.

Once all the ingredients are melted, let cool slightly before adding the essential oils.  If desired, you can separate the recipe into halves before adding the essential oils if you’d like to make more than one flavor.

Note: I would advise using a Pyrex or something with a spout to pout the melted mixture.  I tried using pipettes, but found that just pouring the beeswax mixture into the lip balm tubes was the easiest, since the mixture started solidifying in the pipette before I could fill all the containers.