Carrier Oil & DIY Beauty Availability List

We have started carrying a large selection of carrier oils, jars, bottles, and other things to help make your own beauty products to go with out extensive collection of essential oils.  

10 ml clear glass rollerbottles
10 ml frosted cobalt blue rollerbottles
1 oz. amber glass dropper bottles
2 oz. amber glass fine mist atomizers

empty essential oil inhalers
empty lip balm tubes
5 gram plastic jars
1 oz. plastic jars
3 oz. glass jars

empty deoderant containers

cosmetic grade, triple filtered beeswax
shea butter
cocoa butter
aloe vera jelly
zinc oxide powder

sweet almond oil
apricot oil
avocado oil
castor oil
coconut oil
grapeseed oil
jojoba oil
hemp seed oil

liquid lanolin
vegetable glycerine


Here is our essential oil availability list