New Essential Oils

A New Amazing Brand of Certified Organic Essential Oils: Simplers Botanicals

We have a line of essential oils by Simplers Botanicals that we're super excited about. Part of why I love them is that they have the largest selection of USDA certified organic oils of any other brand available anywhere.

I’ve been working to get this brand into the store for ages, but our distributor for a long time could never get display racks; well, we finally got our hands on some and starting in April we will have the Simplers Botanicals oils available.

The main reason that I was so excited to carry them in the store is that they seriously smell amazing. Amazing. The majority of the oils I have in my home and use on a regular basis are by NOW or Aura Cacia, and I do think those brands have great oils, I have nothing bad to say about them. I do, however, have a few precious bottles of the Simplers Botanicals organic oils and have to say, that I think they are the best oils I’ve ever smelled. For example, their lavender and sweet orange oils (two of my favorites) have to be smelled to be believed, they smell absolutely wonderful.

We have fourteen new single oils by Simplers that we’ve started with to carry in the store (we can special order anything from their full line however) and eleven blends, and all but three are USDA certified organic, as it is not available in a non-organic source (even their non-organic oils are wild crafted and ethically harvested). 

Simplers is very careful about where it supplies its oils from, using only the best artesian distillers around the world. See this article on the Simplers Botanicals website for more information on their sources used around the world.

With being such high-quality oils- and I would truly venture to say that there isn’t a better quality of essential oil made by another company available anywhere- one may expect that they would be prohibitively expensive, but that isn’t the case. As many essential oil aficionados know, not all oils cost the same. 

To make some of their more expensive, 100% pure essential oils more affordable, they are sold in smaller quantities; for example, their incredibly fragrant Moroccan blue chamomile oil is packaged in a smaller, 2ml quantity, to be able to be sold at a more reasonable price. So this month, I would very much recommend stopping by to sniff these amazing new oils (we have testers of each available), I think you’ll love them, I know I do! 


Currently, we have the following essential oils by Simplers Botanicals available in the store.  

All are 100% pure and undiluted by carrier oils. These are all true “therapeutic grade” essential oils.

Bergamot Oil (Certified Organic)

Clove Bud Oil (Certified Organic)

Eucalyptus Globulus Oil (Certified Organic)

Frankincense Oil

Geranium Oil (Certified Organic)

Lavender Oil (Certified Organic)

Lemon Oil (Certified Organic)

Orange, Sweet Oil (Certified Organic)

Patchouli Oil

Peppermint Oil (Certified Organic)

Rose Absolute Oil

Sandalwood, Australian Oil (Certified Organic)

Tea Tree Oil (Certified Organic)

Turmeric Oil (Certified Organic)


Essential Oils Blends

Blissful and Bright Oil (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Breathe Here Now Oil (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Calm Within Oil (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Deep Restful Sleep Oil (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Detox and Renew Oil (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Focused and Aware Oil (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Fortify and Protect (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Mind Body Meditation (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Purify Air and Home (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Women’s Rhythm and Flow (Certified Organic Oil Blend)

Sinus Oil (Certified Organic Oil Blend)


A New Essential Oil Diffuser with a Unique Tree Design

We have a brand new diffuser by NOW Solutions and I’m crazy about it. It’s a gorgeous diffuser with a beautiful design of bare-branched trees around the outside which is lit from behind when in use. I’ve never seen a diffuser like it (I wish I had a better picture of it than the one below)- you can see a more detailed zoom of the diffuser on the NOW website here.

Like all of the diffusers we have available at the store, it uses high frequency vibrations to create a fine aromatherapy mist without heat. It uses only water and oils, and when all the water has been used up (about seven hours when on the continuous setting), it turns off by itself.

It’s much prettier than it looks in the picture (especially when it is lit up)!


Also new this month from NOW is a “Seasonal Changes” essential oil gift set with oils for winter wellness that includes bottles of tea tree oil and eucalyptus radiata oil, as well as two essential oil blends- Clear the Air and Nature’s Shield (NOW’s version of the legendary “five thieves” oil blend).  

New Essential Oil Cough Drops and Travel Diffusers by Redd Remedies

We have just gotten in a new line of essential oil throat drops and inhalers that I’m crazy about.  The company’s name is Redd Remedies, and they have the most amazing cough drops I’ve ever tried.  Seriously.  We got a sample a while ago, and I fell in love with them.  We’ve been working to get them in the store and now we finally have them.  They are great tasting and extremely effective cough drops that use essential oils to soothe throats and clear respiratory passages.  They really work.

Also from Redd Remedies, we’ve gotten in two new essential oil inhalers (they actually call them “travel diffusers”), a sinus blend and a lung care blend.  I had been dealing with a lingering respiratory issue for a while, so I wanted to try their lung inhaler to see if it did anything for me. I have to be honest, in that I wasn’t expecting much from the lung inhaler, but was pleasantly surprised- I really felt like after using it my lungs were more open and less constricted.  To use their lung inhaler, you hold it to one nostril and breathe in slowly and deeply.    They also have a sinus inhaler which is really nice for congested sinuses either from colds or allergies.

I’d really recommend trying both the throat drops and their “travel diffusers” (inhalers).  I am a huge fan of them.

Since they’re a new product, we’re having them on sale for 25% off during March.  


A New Variety of Eucalyptus Oil

We have a new variety of eucalyptus essential oil that we just started carrying at the store - eucalyptus radiata. The more common form of eucalyptus is eucalyptus globulus, which we’ve always had, but NOW Solutions has released the new radiata species of eucalyptus which we’re thrilled to carry.  

The common eucalyptus globulus is more medicinal smelling, where the new eucalyptus radiata is slightly sweeter.  I have both, but have found myself using the new eucalyptus radiata more frequently.  I’d say the globulus form is better for colds and respiratory issues, where the radiata form is more for a spa experience.

One fantastic way to use eucalyptus oil is in the shower in the morning.  I started using it a month ago, and don’t think I could ever be without it now- it’s so nice.  Try putting a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the bottom of the shower in the morning (I say a few drops, but in honesty I give the bottle a few liberal shakes).  The steam from the shower will combine with the eucalyptus oil, helping to open the sinuses and breathing passages as well as reduce lung inflammation.  Eucalyptus oil is also extremely antibacterial and antimicrobial.  It’s a simple thing to do to make your morning shower more enjoyable- I’d very much recommend trying it- it really helps you to feel refreshed and ready to start the day!