After Sun Spray

DIY After Sun Spray

This simple recipe is absolutely fantastic as an after sun spray and is also very soothing and healing for sunburn.

Both aloe and witch hazel are soothing to the skin, and can help with reducing pain, itching, and peeling if you do happen to get a sunburn. In addition to the aloe and witch hazel, this recipe also uses a bit of essential oils, which add additional healing properties. The peppermint oil in this spray gives a fantastic cooling sensation to the skin, and lavender oil is calming and healing to the skin.

This recipe makes a 2oz bottle, but can easily be doubled (or tripled!) for a larger spray bottle.

The witch hazel has preservative properties, so it can be stored at room temperature, but storing in the fridge can make this spray feel even better on hot, sun damaged skin.
Interestingly, my daughter also feels this spray helps with reducing the itching of bug bites, so that’s a nice additional use!


2 tbs. witch hazel
2 tbs. aloe vera juice
6-12 drops lavender oil
6-12 drops peppermint oil

Add all ingredients to 2 oz. amber bottle (available at the store), taking care not to overfill. 

The different essential oil amounts are for two different dilutions. The smaller amount is for a 1% essential oil dilution, which is the amount recommended for children or those with sensitive skin, whereas the larger oil amount is a 2% dilution, which is the amount recommended for general adult use.

Apply as desired after sun exposure!