Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth- DIY

We have had numerous people asking about castor oil for eyelash growth (eyebrow growth as well). We do carry pure, cold pressed castor oil at the store and have also found empty mascara tubes that we have available for sale so you can make your own eyelash (or eyebrow) serum preparations.

Castor oil has been getting a lot of press lately for possibly helping to encourage eyelash growth. There is some research that has linked an ingredient in castor oil with encouraging hair growth and preventing hair loss, though it is far from conclusive. Still, using castor oil (particularly when it is used with an eyelash brush container like we have at the health food store) won’t hurt, and will definitely help with moisturizing eyelashes as well as reducing damage and breakage of eyelashes. Using an eyelash brush will help to apply castor oil only to the eyelashes, since you don’t want to put castor oil inside your eyes.

I’ve started using just straight castor oil on my eyelashes to see if it makes a difference- the oil is thick so it coats the eyelashes really well without dripping or anything. I don’t feel extremely hopeful that it’s going to make my eyelashes significantly different, though I guess conditioning eyelashes (which I know it at least is doing that) is only beneficial, but who knows. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t hurt, so I figure it’s worth a try!

I’ll link a couple other recipes below that I’ve found online that you may want to try:

Growth Serum with Castor Oil, Emu Oil, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E

Eyelash Growth Serum with Castor Oil and Lavender and Cedarwoood Essential Oil

I would especially advise making sure to use an eyelash brush with the above recipe, since you don’t want essential oils going in your eyes.


Good luck!