Roller Bottles

How to Make Essential Oil Rollerbottles (with proper dilution ratios)

Essential oil roller bottles are simple to make, and are handy to use on the go since they’re inexpensive to make and are quick to apply- they’re a much better choice than carrying around an entire bottle of essential oil in your bag or pocket.

The following dilutions are for a 10ml roller bottle. Fill your roller bottle 80-90% full with a carrier oil before adding your essential oils. A carrier oil is an unscented oil that is used to dilute essential oils so they can be used on the skin (undiluted oils can irritate the skin). Jojoba or grapeseed oil are our favorite oils to use in a roller bottle.

It’s best to err on the side of slightly less since you don’t want it to overflow when you put the roller top back on. Once filled with essential oils, the liquid in the bottle needs to stay slightly below the neck before replacing the top.

10ml Roller bottle Dilution Chart:

.5% Dilution: 1 drops of essential oils per roller bottle
1% Dilution: 2 drops of essential oils per roller bottle
2% Dilution: 4 drops of essential oils per roller bottle
3% Dilution: 6 drops of essential oils per roller bottle
5% Dilution: 10 drops of essential oils per roller bottle
10% Dilution: 20 drops of essential oils per roller bottle


The Natural Institute for Holistic Aromatherapy recommends using the following dilution ratios:

A .5-1% dilution for topical use on young children or for sensitive adults

For adult use, a 2-10% dilution ratio is the general recommendation for topical use. 


The following oils may cause skin irritation when applied to skin, so it is especially important to use them with proper dilutions: cassia, cinnamon, clove, balsam fir, sage, and thyme. Also, citrus oils can cause the skin to be more sensitive to light (not usually something to be worried about with a proper dilution, just something to be aware of).

Roller bottles are fun to make and are handy for lots of applications!