Healthy Q & A: Corydalis for Pain Relief

Q:  I’ve been hearing about the supplement corydalis and that it’s supposed to be the best thing for arthritis.  I’ve never heard about it before.  Does it really work?


A:  Corydalis is an herb which has been shown in research to help with pain relief.  It works by blocking pain signals in the brain, and can be helpful for people suffering from chronic pain.  It is also not habit forming, unlike prescription pain relievers like codeine and morphine.

Corydalis is an impressive supplement, but since it only blocks pain rather than helping to solve the underlying issue, it is not the first supplement I would recommend for joint pain. 

Herbal anti-inflammatories like curcumin phytosome or blends like Solgar 7 would be the first thing I would suggest, since they would actually help with reducing the pain-causing inflammation.  In the case of arthritis, anti-inflammatories are helpful, as well as glucosamine and chrondroitin, which can help to support and enhance the cartilage in the joints.     

Still, for many people who suffer from chronic pain, corydalis may be of great benefit, especially for people who have tried a number of treatments without success. 

Corydalis should not be combined with sedative medications, certain cancer medications, or drugs for heart arrhythmias.