Our best selling ImmunoShield is now on Every Day Sale for 25% off

We are excited to report that we can now offer our popular Immuno-Shield by Irwin Naturals on an everyday sale of 25% off!

Immuno-Shield is by far our most popular overall immune supplement, and one that both those of us who work at Pass Health Foods and many of our customers use on a regular basis.  It can be used preventatively against illness, but also if you do happen to get sick you can take higher amounts of ImmunoShield to get better faster.

Immuno-Shield works so well because it is a blend of very powerful and well-researched immune boosters which work in a variety of ways to help you to during cold and flu season; helping to boost and activate your immune system to fight off invading bacteria and viruses quicker and more effectively.


I’ll list a few of Immuno-Shield’s ingredients below with a brief explanation of how each ingredient helps the immune system:


Vitamin C- a vitamin that supports white bl ood cell functioning that protects the body against infectious disease and foreign invaders.

Zinc- a mineral that reduces the duration of illness

Echinacea- this herb is especially effective at the first signs of illness to activate the immune system

Astragalus- an herb from Traditional Chinese Medicine which boosts immune functioning

Beta Glucan- an extract that helps to boost the function of NK cells, “natural killer” cells which seek out and destroy viruses

Cat’s Claw- an herb that can increase white cell counts, which improves the body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses

Olive extract- this herb enhances the functioning of the immune system, and can help prevent virus replication

Oregano Oil- an herb with strong antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties


Without fail, I think all of us at Pass Health Foods would recommend Irwin Natural’s Immuno-Shield as a supplement you should have in your house this winter. I would say more than anything else for the immune system, we have the most people who come back religiously for Immuno-Shield who attest to how well it works.

We really can't recommend it enough!  Plus, now that we’re been able to work out a deal with Irwin Naturals to have Immuno-Shield available at a discount, we’re passing on that deal to our customers!

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