Take the Theanine Challenge for a Calm and Relaxed 2016

We love theanine at Pass Health Foods, and I’ve written about it numerous times in past newsletters.  It’s a fantastic supplement derived from green tea that helps to reduce stress and anxiety, without drowsiness or making you feel tired or foggy- quite the opposite in fact- it can also help to increase focus and concentration.

One thing I love about theanine is that it is effective when taken every day, but it also works if you only use it occasionally for times you feel especially stressed and anxious.  It also is helpful for boosting mood as well as a sleep aid.

We have been working with the company Jarrow to get a better deal that we could pass on to our customers on their (fantastic) theanine, and now we are able to offer it as an EDLP (every day low price) of $6 less than what we were previously selling their 200mg. supplement for.

Because of this, I wanted to mention theanine again, and to recommend to those who haven’t tried it yet, to do so.  I’d venture to say that nearly everyone would have a benefit from it.  All of us take it at the store at various times and love it.  It has so many benefits for stress and anxiety relief, and we have quite a few of our customers who say that it helps with reducing overall irritation and that it also helps them to feel more calm throughout the day.

A typical dose is 100-400mg, once or twice a day as needed.  Try it!  I very much think that you will not be disappointed.