Supplement Spotlight: Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Our focus this month is on testosterone boosting supplements. 

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, which regulates a number of functions including sex drive, fat distribution, muscle size and strength, bone mass, and more.  Once a man hits 30, his testosterone levels begin to decline every year, dropping more significantly in the forties and beyond.  By age 60 a man may have only 1/3 (or less) of the amount of testosterone they did as a teenager.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels are low energy, depressed mood, anxiety, poor sleep, weight gain (particularly around the abdomen), reduced sex drive, diminished erections, among others. 

The best testosterone boosting supplement we’ve found is Ultra T Male by Nature’s Plus.  It helps to raise testosterone levels naturally by balancing the body’s hormone levels, which means that it will help to raise low testosterone levels, but will not raise levels excessively for someone who’s in normal hormonal range.  Because of this, there is no worry of having too much testosterone like synthetic hormone boosters.

Ultra T Male has a variety of different supplements which have been found to aid in hormone regulation, boosting testosterone and sexual health.  Read more about the ingredients in Ultra T Male here.