These are a few of our favorite things... Whole Body Cleanses

This month’s pick is from Joanne, one of our owners.  She picked a whole body cleanse since she said it’s her favorite thing to do at the start off the new year.  She feels it gives her body a healthy start for the year since it cleans out the colon and liver and helps to remove toxins which in turn boosts the immune system.

We have several great whole body cleanses at the store.  Most, like Nature's Plus Complete Body Cleanse, are a mix of three supplements.  First, an herbal cleansing formula to help with releasing toxins from the liver and lymph system; second, a fiber formula, which helps to bind the toxins and whisk impurities out of the intestines and colon; and last, a gentle nighttime colon cleansing formula, which helps to get things moving and remove excess waste out of the intestines and colon.  

Stop by the store and we can help you to find one that’s right for you.  It’s a great idea to do a cleanse in January, to start the new year fresh!