Free Supplement Consultations

We wanted to offer a free service to our customers to go over your supplement regimen with you, letting  you know what each supplement does and possibly paring down your supplements to a more manageable list.

We have done this with several of our customers now who have been really pleased with the result, so we wanted to offer this service to a wider audience. We have found that many of the people we speak to can have lots of supplements that they have bought from different sources over the years, and over time can not even remember why they wanted to take it. Also, even though we love every supplement we have at the store, realistically, a person can’t take a hundred different pills a day, so we would be happy to sit down with you to go over your supplements to help you choose which are really important.

Please call or email us so we can set up a day to sit down with you (we ask that you schedule it with us in advance just to make sure that we can block out that time for you). Feel free to bring a supplement list, or even better, to bring the actual bottles (especially if you may have products purchased at other places, so we can go over the ingredient lists) so we can help you to make your supplement regimen the best it can be, and also something that can be managed long term.