New Products We Love

We have all sorts of new products this month, but I wanted to highlight two that we’re really excited about. The first is a new line of essential oils called Breathe Me by Nectar Essences, which include three new blends specifically formulated for children, which is a first. The kid’s blends include a focus and calm blend, an immunity and decongestant blend, and a sleep blend. We also have a new gift set of essential oil blends for adults by Breathe Me, as well as a new Super-Immunity blend that we really love. We have testers of each available at the store, so stop by and give them a sniff!

Also new this month is a new and absolutely gorgeous line of beauty products which are made with essential oils and plant essences called Aroma Actives. I’ve been using a few of their new products and have been very impressed with the formulations, plus they really look beautiful on your bathroom counter. 

All our new Breathe Me essential oils and our new essential oil powered beauty line, Aroma Actives, are on sale for the month of February for 20% off.