A New, Easier Way to Take Calcium Supplements

I have a confession to make- I’m terrible at taking my vitamins, calcium in particular. Not always, just sometimes I feel like I go through fazes where I just don’t want to- not like swallowing a pill is difficult, it just can seem undesirable for whatever reason, and it gets put off and put off until I've missed a day. This is why chewable vitamins are really great, and now we have a number of different new chewable and gummy vitamins at the store which are not only palatable, but delicious, which makes you want to go out of your way to take them.

The first I’d recommend is a new calcium gummy chewable by Carlson, it’s a great option because it tastes amazing; it makes taking a calcium supplement actually pleasurable, as strange as that sounds. We’ve all started taking it at the store, and I would really recommend trying it if you don’t currently take calcium supplements, or if you’re a person who routinely forgets to take their calcium. I feel like this calcium has made me remember to take it every day for the simple fact that it’s so tasty. Joanne, one of our owners, saves it for after dinner because she says it satisfies the craving for having something sweet while checking off her calcium requirement for the day. 

Each chewable gummy contains 250 mg of calcium, so we recommend taking them two at a time. The standard daily recommendation for calcium is 1000mg per day, but most people don’t need to take that full amount if they eat dairy products and other calcium containing foods. Here is a great list from the University of Chicago of the calcium content in different foods. Many people have the idea that if they are worried about bone health that more calcium is better, which is not necessarily the case. The body can only absorb roughly 500mg of calcium at one time, so taking mega-doses is rarely effective.

We’re having our new Carlson calcium gummies on sale this month for 25% off, so March is a good time to try them, and honestly, they taste like candy. They also use a well absorbing form of calcium which does not cause constipation.

We also have a large selection of other great chewables in the store, from multivitamins to vitamin D, and more. I really think chewables can be a beneficial way to take your supplements, particularly if you are a person that doesn’t like to swallow pills.