Featured Brand of the Month: Life Seasons

On sale this month is a newer brand we’ve started to carry called Life Seasons. They have a large list of new products we’ve brought in for a variety of issues including thyroid and adrenal health, blood pressure, anxiety, low metabolism, prostate health, and more. The unique thing about the blends we’ve chosen to carry by Life Seasons is that they contain true therapeutic dosages backed with clinical research, to show that the supplements and dosages each blend contains really does work. We've been extremely impressed with each of their formulas.

Also this month, we’ve brought in some trial sizes of a few of the Life Seasons formulas, including their Anxie-T, PainBlock R,  and Rest ZZZ. Like their names sound, Anxie-T is for helping to reduce anxiety, PainBlock R is for helping with pain- whether caused by joints, injury, or chronic issues, and RestZZZ is a very effective sleep aid. The trial sizes are enough for several days- enough to definitely feel it working, on sale for $5 (they’re regularly priced at $9.99). We really like the whole line, but these three are our very favorites, which is why we wanted to bring in trial sizes so more people were able to try them. Sarah, who works at the store (and generally has a terrible time sleeping) has been taking the RestZZZ for the past several days, and she can’t stop talking about how great it is!  Additionally (though we don’t have it in a trial size), Liz has been using the Life Seasons Metabolism blend and she is really loving it. She says it’s really made her feel good and has given her an extra boost of energy.

I’d also recommend checking out the Life Seasons website, it really contains a wealth of knowledge (without really trying to sell you anything). They have an index of health conditions here, and an index of natural ingredients here. It’s really an impressive collection of very helpful information, presented in an impartial way.

While the Life Seasons brand is on sale this month for 25% off, I’d definitely recommend giving them a try! Their motto is “Nature Works, Science Proves it”, a sentiment close to our heart, since we are constantly trying to share the science behind natural products, proof that natural supplements really do work!