Simplers Botanicals Argan Facial Treatment Oils

I wanted to highlight a new product line we’ve started carrying that I’ve been really impressed with.   They’re argan oil facial treatments mixed with essential oils by Simplers Botanicals.  If you haven’t heard of argan oil, it’s an amazing oil for skin that can actually improve skin’s appearance and texture.  Argan oil can have a normalizing effect on the skin by balancing sebum production, which has benefits for dryness as well as oily skin.  Argan oil can also help to prevent oxidative damage by combat environmental pollution and UV radiation.

We have three new blends:

Neroli and Vetiver Argan Facial Treatment
 his is the blend for oily, combination, or overactive skin.  It combines argan oil, which can help to improve the appearance of scars with grapefruit to help detoxify and decongest skin as well as vetiver essential oil, which further helps to balance overactive oil production.  

Rose and Helichrysum Argan Facial Treatment 
This is the blend for mature or sun damaged skin.  It combines argan oil with evening primrose oil and tamanu oil to promote elasticity, and then essential oils of rose, lavender, rosemary, and helichrysum to improve the appearance of scars and imperfections and carrot seed to even out skin tone.

Sandalwood and Chamomile Argan Facial Treatment 
This is the blend for dry, sensitive, or hyperreactive skin.  It combines argan oil with Australian sandalwood and Moroccan blue chamomile essential oils to help calm hyperreactive and sensitive skin and blue cypress and palmarosa to aid in hydration and rejuvenation of skin.  This blend can also be helpful for people with rosacea since it is so calming to the skin.

Each of these blends are meticulously crafted with ingredients to make a real difference for a variety of skin types.  Some people, particularly those with oily skin, are afraid to put oils on their face, but oils can actually reduce the skin’s proclivity to produce excess oil.  For those with dry skin, healing skin oils are extremely nourishing.  Skin treatment oils can be applied after washing the face as a natural moisturizer, or if you use other skin products and lotions, they can be applied in the following order: serums > lotions/creams > facial oils.  Applying a facial oil after a lotion can actually help to seal in that moisturizer, resulting in extremely soft and supple skin.