Zollipops: Xylitol Lollipops for Kid's Oral Health

Zollipops are new xylitol lollipops we’ve just gotten in and they’re amazing! Xylitol helps to prevent tooth decay, and Zollipops have also been shown to help restore a healthy oral pH, which helps to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Zollipops are great tasting and are a fantastic treat for kids after a meal, since they actually help to prevent cavities!

Zollipops certainly aren’t a replacement for proper brushing, but they’re a great thing to have on the go, and are a wonderful alternative for sugar laden candies! A little bit of xylitol is wonderful for oral health, but Zollipops should be limited to three a day for children. 
I don’t know if you’re a Shark Tank fan, but Zollipops was featured recently on their Kid-Preneurs Edition- Zollipops was conceived by a nine year old girl who dreamed of a lollipop that was actually good for your teeth, and from that, Zollipops was born.