Product Spotlight: JarrowSil for Hair, Skin, and Nails


Silica is a mineral which is crucial to hair, skin, and nail health and composition.  The trouble with many silica supplements is that the mineral is very difficult for the body to absorb.  JarrowSil is a specialized form of silica called Activated Silicon which is formulated specifically to be easy for the body to absorb.  Placebo controlled studies have found improvement in skin texture and elasticity for women with sun damage after supplementing with the type of specialized silicon that JarrowSil contains.  There were also improvements in brittle hair and nails.


Healthy looking skin is determined by the health of the underlying tissue.  As we age, our skin often becomes deficient in silica, which can cause dry, wrinkled skin.  Good topical moisturizers can be helpful, but nourishing skin from the inside is important as well.  Silicon is one of the main components of connective tissue, and depletion in skin elasticity and texture is one obvious sign of deficiency.