Supplement Spotlight: Irwin Naturals Sunny Mood

December can be a month of wonder and joy, but for many it can also be a time of stress, sadness, and depression, due to a combination of the holidays and the darkening days of winter where it may feel like you hardly see the sun.

Because of this, I wanted to write about a fantastic supplement we have at the store that we love, it’s Sunny Mood by Irwin Naturals.  It is an amazing combination of herbs and supplements that help to boost mood, relieve depression and melancholia, and also help with stress and anxiety.  Sunny Mood even won an award for being one of the best supplements of 2015 by Better Nutrition Magazine.

It is a very unique blend; in fact I have never seen all of the ingredients in one formula before finding Sunny Mood.  I have heard of a number of our customers who feel they can see a difference as soon as the first week in taking it, with increasing benefits in the second and third week.

Another thing I like about Sunny Mood is that it is helpful for boosting mood and reducing anxiety and stress, but without you feeling out, sleepy or “drugged”.  I’ve even heard from customers that in addition to a better mood, they have found themselves feeling less annoyed and slower to irritation- which can be helpful if you’re anywhere near La Grange Road this month! 

We’re having Irwin Natural’s Sunny Mood on sale this December for 25% off, so I’d really recommend trying it this month, since just about everyone would benefit from a “sunnier mood” during this holiday season!