Apples on Oak - An Amazing Family Run Orchard Nearby

I found an amazing apple orchard in Lockport that I wanted to share.  We wanted to pick apples, but I didn’t want to have to drive all the way to Michigan to find a good place.  I found an orchard called Apples on Oak by chance, and am so glad I did!  It’s a family owned and operated apple orchard with great prices.  There is no entrance fee or fee to pick like some other places I’ve been to, you only pay for the apples you bring home.  

Their prices were so reasonable.  They sell by the bag or “peck”.  A half peck bag is roughly 5 lbs and is $8, and a peck, which is about 10 pounds of apples, is $14.  They also sell in larger quantities as well if you have a giant apple baking project planned.  We bought the $14 bag of apples, and I couldn't' see wanting much more than that- it really was a huge amount of apples!

They have two separate orchards, one where there are individual rows of a specific type of tree, which ripen successively through the season (from early August to late October), and then an “Adventure Orchard” where a variety of different trees are planted.  In the Adventure Orchard, trees that are ripe are marked so you know which you can pick from.  They also have maps of which apple trees are ripe with a list describing the different varieties of apples on the back (a really neat feature). 

Something else I loved was that they have made a decision not to spray their trees with fungicide.  Some of the apples have spotting because of it, which easily comes off with washing (I used a washcloth and it was easily removed).  The owners of the orchard said they made the decision to reduce the amount of chemicals used on the apples since the spotting is not harmful, and that they’d rather that than having a chemically laden product- a sentiment I can really get behind!

If you’re looking for a place to pick apples this fall, I would very much recommend Apples on Oak!  You won’t be disappointed!  They have a listing of what apple varieties ripen at what times on their website, and then their facebook page also has more information on what is available to pick each week.