Supplement Spotlight: Are you taking the best form of your supplements?

There are many supplements which are available in a variety of different forms, some of which are significantly better absorbed, and others which have benefits which may be helpful.  Several supplements are listed below where the form you choose can make a big difference.


Vitamin B12

This is the first that comes to mind when thinking of a supplement where its form really matters.  The most common form of B12 is cobalamin, though the form we recommend the most is the methyl form of the vitamin- methylcobalamin- which is significantly better absorbed.   It’s best to look for a sublingual form that dissolves in the mouth, since if B12 is swallowed in pill form it has a difficult time being absorbed as opposed to a sublingual form, which is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.   B12 can be helpful for energy, brain function, and nerve health.  Many seniors are critically deficient in this vitamin, the effects of which can even mimic demensia.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D should always be taken in the D3 form, since that is the best absorbing.  Vitamin D3 used to be sourced from fish liver oil, though nearly all of the brands we have in the store are now made from lanolin.  Vitamin D3 is most commonly from animal sources, but we have recently started carrying a plant based,vegan D3 from Country Life.  Vitamin D is important for bone health, calcium absorption, and the immune system.



There are two forms of CoQ10, the more commonly known form, ubiquinone, and the newer, better absorbed form ubiquinol.   Ubiquinol is the specific form of CoQ10 that the body uses, and is significantly more bioavailable than the regular form of CoQ10 (ubiquinone).  Ubiquinol is more expensive however, though if you have heart issues or compromised absorption it may be worth switching to the better absorbed form.  CoQ10 has been in numerous research studies for its benefit to heart health, also, statin drugs (a cholesterol lowering medication) further deplete the body’s levels of CoQ10, making supplementation even more necessary.



The most commonly seen form of calcium is calcium carbonate, which is unfortunately notorious for causing constipation and digestive issues.  There are many well absorbing forms of calcium available, calcium citrate among others, which will not cause constipation.  Calcium should also be taken in a complex with other co factors like magnesium, boron and/or vitamin D which enhance calcium absorption.  Also, it’s best to take calcium in divided doses, since the body can only absorb about 500mg of the mineral at once.


Please come by the store and we’ll be happy to help you find the supplement and its specific form that is right for you.  Also, feel free to bring in the supplements you’re currently taking so we can go over them with you.