Barlean's Flax Super Seed Blends

We have a new line of product by Barleans (the whole line of which is on sale this month for 25% off) of new ground flax seed blends.  There are four varieties available: 

Superfruit Blend- a mix of flax, coconut, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry

Antioxidant Blend- a mix of flax, coconut, acerola, acai, and
camu camu

Energy Blend- a mix of flax, chia, coconut, and panax ginseng

Digestive Blend- a mix of flax, chia, coconut, pumpkin, and quinoa

Flax seed is a fantastic whole food source of omega-3 fatty acids, but not everyone likes the flavor by itself.  These blends are
great tasting way to add some extra omega 3s, fiber, and antioxidants to your diet.  They can be mixed in with hot cereal, smoothies, yogurt, or even eaten by themselves.  I’ve tasted all of them and the superfruit blend and the digestive blend are my favorites (the superfruit blend is seriously delicious, even just eaten straight out of the bag).