New Favorites by Irwin Naturals

We at Pass Health Foods are very particular about the new products we bring into the store, especially when it comes to supplements. This month, we wanted to share four new products by the company Irwin Naturals that we’re excited about.  Below is a brief description of each. All four of the new blends will be on sale for the month of May for 25% off, so it’s a great time to try them!

Beet Root Red
Beets are a super food that help to boost Nitric Oxide function. Nitric Oxide is a natural compound produced in the body that helps to increase blood flow and boost cardiovascular function. This unique formula combines beet root extract with several other well researched supplements which work together to help support cardiovascular health, circulation, and overall blood flow.

Collagen Beauty
Irwin’s Collagen Beauty contains clinically tested Verisol brand collagen peptides, which have been shown in research to help people to attain firmer skin and fewer wrinkles by boosting collagen production, as well as faster nail growth and strength. Collagen Beauty also contains a number of antioxidants specifically chosen for their benefits to skin health.

Melatonin Plus 5-HTP and Rhodiola
This is a great new sleep blend that combines the benefits of melatonin with 5-HTP, which helps to boost serotonin and mood, along with rhodiola, an herb that helps to reduce the body’s levels of cortisol- the “stress” hormone. It’s great for helping with sleep, especially for people who are dealing with a lot of stress and worry that disrupts proper sleep.

Maca Root and Ashwaganda Complex
This is a fantastic new complex that helps to boost overall energy and vitality, as well as helping with sexual health. Maca and ashwaganda are also adaptogenic herbs, which help with reducing stress and bringing the body back into balance.