Olive Leaf Extract for Blood Pressure and Immune Health

I wanted to write about olive leaf, since it’s a little known supplement that deserves a bit more recognition.  Olive leaf’s two main benefits are for blood pressure and immune function, though it also has benefits for lowering cholesterol, cancer prevention, and reducing cognitive decline.

Blood Pressure

The beneficial extract in olive leaf is oleuropein.  Oleuropein works extremely well for lowering blood pressure.  One recent study measured olive leaf supplementation against the blood pressure drug Captopril and found that olive leaf extract worked just as well as the prescription.  After eight weeks both groups had significantly lowered blood pressure and there was no significant difference between the two groups.  The study used 500mg of olive leaf extract twice daily for lowering blood pressure.  Since olive leaf extract is so effective at lowering blood pressure, if you are on blood pressure medication you may want to speak to your physician before starting the supplement.

Olive leaf also has been shown to prevent the formation of arterial plaque in the body, which helps to prevent heart attack and stroke.  It also works to prevent platelet clumping, which reduces the chance of blood clots forming.

Immune Benefits

Olive leaf has potent antibacterial and antiviral properties, which is very helpful during cold and flu season.  In in-vivo studies, nearly every virus was inactivated when exposed to the active ingredients in olive leaf extract. It was also shown to be beneficial against harmful bacteria and yeasts.  Additionally, olive leaf extract helps to contain viral infections by stopping viral replication inside the cell, which helps to prevent viruses from gaining a foothold and becoming a full-fledged illness.

Olive leaf is also a wonderful antioxidant, which in turn helps with boosting the immune system.