Supplement Spotlight: PQQ for Heart Health and More

I’m very excited to share some information about a brand new supplement that we’ve been lucky enough to find, PQQ.  PQQ is related to CoQ10, but might even be superior in its benefits.

I’ve written about CoQ10 numerous times for its benefit to heart health and so much more.  Here are a couple of our past articles about that amazing supplement:

CoQ10 and Heart Health

CoQ10 and Heart Disease

CoQ10 helps to support our cell’s mitochondria.  Mitochondria are literally the powerhouses of each cell.  Mitochondria are most present in parts of the body that need the most energy- particularly the heart.

CoQ10 helps to support and preserve mitochondrial function.  The new supplement PQQ is amazing because it has been shown in preliminary studies to not only aid in mitochondrial function, but actually help to generate new mitochondria (there’s a link to one of the studies here).

PQQ has also been found to have neuroprotective effects, and may even be beneficial for Parkinson’s Disease (study here) and as a therapy for recovering from a stroke (study here).

Research on PQQ is still in its very preliminary stages, but I am extremely happy that we are able to offer it as a supplement due to its impressive list of potential benefits.

I wouldn’t suggest that people replace their CoQ10 supplements with PQQ, but I do think it would be a wonderfully beneficial supplement to add to a CoQ10 regimen, particularly for persons with heart, brain, or nerve issues.