Featured: Jarrow Dophilus EPS Probiotics on Every Day Sale

I wanted to briefly write about our Jarrow Dophilus EPS which we are now having as an EDLP (Every Day Low Price) of $17.99 for the 60 count and $32.79 for the 120 count. It's really a great deal, and we're happy that we've been able to do it since it's one of our favorite shelf-stable probiotics. It's a savings of roughly $6 a package.

Jarrow Dophilus EPS is one of our most recommended probiotics. It's shelf stable, so it doesn’t require refrigeration (I always forget to take my probiotics when they’re in the fridge!) and enteric coated, which means each capsule has a special coating on it to protect against stomach acid, so all of the 5 billion probiotics in each capsule get where they need to go without being killed on the way there.

Another thing I particularly love about these probiotics (and all of Jarrow’s products, actually) is that they are formulated so well, with strains backed with tons of scientific research. They also list the exact strain identifiers on the label, since slight variations in strains make a huge difference. Each of the strains listed are the exact ones that have been clinically proven to work, and make a real difference for digestion, immunity, and more. Jarrow’s stance on probiotics (and its one I agree with) is that if it is not listing the exact strains with their numbered identifiers in a probiotic, you don’t really know exactly what you’re getting, and if it truly is the best formulation you could be taking.

If you aren’t currently taking a probiotic, I would really recommend giving Jarrow Dophilus EPS a try. It’s a great value for a very good product.