Healthy Q & A: Natural Pain Relief

Q:  Is there anything natural I can take for occasional pain?  I get headaches and muscle aches a few times a week, and I don’t love taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen all the time.  Is there something I can take just when I need it for pain?  I’m not really looking for something that I need to take every day. 

A: Many natural supplements for pain work best when taken every day, though there are some supplements which are effective when taken on an “as needed” basis for acute pain.  Solaray’s IbuActin is a mix of impressive natural anti-inflammatories which work very well for reducing pain, without the side effects of conventional, over the counter anti-inflammatories.  It can be taken every day for chronic pain, but is also effective when only taken when needed.

What makes IbuActin different from other natural anti-inflammatories is its noteworthy formula.  It is the only supplement we’ve found with the specific form of hops extract it contains.  Hops are usually known for their benefits for relaxation and sleep.  What is lesser known about hops is that they have potent pain relieving compounds.  Solaray’s IbuActin contains hops extract which has been isolated for its pain relieving effects, without the sleep inducing effects that hops extract usually has.

That novel pain relieving hops extract is then combined with other natural anti-inflammatories, including bromelain (a pineapple enzyme which reduces inflammation), papain (a papaya enzyme which helps to reduce pain and inflammation), and the inflammation reducing herbs turmeric and ginger.

Solaray’s IbuActin has been shown in a recent study to be as effective as ibuprofen, but without being hard on the liver.

IbuActin comes in two strengths, the original, and a new Super IbuActin, which contains hops extract that is twice as potent as the original.

I really think this supplement is unique, and I would very much suggest giving it a try.  For March we’ve put both IbuActin and Super IbuActin on sale for 25% off.