Pass Favorite: Irwin Naturals Immuno-Shield

Without fail, I think all of us at Pass Health Foods would recommend Irwin Natural’s Immuno-Shield as a supplement you should have in your house this winter. It is a fantastic blend of powerful and well-researched immune boosters which work in a variety of ways to help you to during cold and flu season; helping to boost and activate your immune system to fight off invading bacteria and viruses quicker and more effectively. I would say more than anything else for the immune system, we have the most people who come back religiously for Immuno-Shield who attest to how well it works.

It can be taken in a lower dose of one or two a day throughout the season to maintain immune health, or taken at a higher dose when you experience the beginning signs of sickness.  All of us take Immuno-Shield at the store and love it. There have been numerous times when I’ve felt the beginnings of a sore throat and the worn out feeling that comes with the first stages of illness, and took four Immuno-Shields before bed and felt fine the next day.

We really can't recommend it enough!


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