Solgar’s Curcumin Softgels - Now on Every Day Sale for 25% Off

In the past year, turmeric (and its extract curcumin) has gone from being a little-known supplement to one that nearly everyone has heard about. Curcumin is most commonly used for reducing inflammation and pain in the body, but it seems new research on curcumin is coming out all the time for a variety of benefits, including for neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

In the past, one of the troubles with curcumin was that it was difficult for the body to absorb. A new form of curcumin came out last year by Solgar that had been confirmed through scientific research that it is 185 times better absorbed than standard turmeric extract. Because of this, it is the only curcumin supplement we recommend anymore at the store due to its fantastic absorption and effectiveness. For more information on Solgar’s Curcumin, see this article on our website:

Solgar’s New Full Spectrum Curcumin: It’s Pretty Much the Best Thing Ever

Since we sell so much of it (because we really do think it’s the best), we’ve been able to work out a deal with Solgar on their curcumin supplements so that we are able to offer it (on all sizes) at an everyday discount of 25% off!  It’s a pretty big deal, so we’re excited to be able to announce this discount to our ustomers since I know so many of you take it!