Jarrow's New Theanine Gummies: For Relaxation on the Go

I wanted to mention a brand new product that we’ve found: Jarrow’s new Theanine Gummies. If you’ve been a subscriber of our newsletter for a while, you know that we are crazy about theanine at Pass Health Foods. It’s an amino acid found in small amounts in green tea that works very well for stress and anxiety, without making you tired. All of us at the store take it at one time or another. It’s great because while it can be taken on a regular basis for anxiety, it doesn’t need to be; it can be taken only a needed during a stressful time or before a stressful situation and still be effective. It's also great for sleep, since even though it doesn't make you feel tired, it helps to reduce anxious thoughts, which can lead to an easier time falling and staying asleep.

Our new Jarrow gummies are fantastic because first, they are delicious, so they’re easy for both kids and adults to take. Second, they’re wonderful for taking on the go since they don’t need to be taken with water- they’re perfect to keep in a purse or bag if needed. They’re also nice for people that have problems with swallowing or would just rather not be bothered with swallowing a pill and having to find a glass of water.

We are offering them for 20% off as an everyday deal, so they work out to be $18.99 a bottle. They’re also gelatin free, so they’re suitable for vegetarian diets, plus, they aren’t sticky gummies if that’s at all descriptive. I feel like some gummy vitamins stick to my teeth, but not so with these. I would absolutely recommend giving them a try. For more information on theanine, see our website here for an index of our many past articles on the benefits of theanine.