Our Favorite Things: Animal Parade Gold Vitamins for Kids

We have our Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Gold Vitamins on sale this March.  I wanted to highlight them, since Nature’s Plus will very rarely have their products on sale.  They are fantastic, fantastic multivitamins- they’re the ones I give my daughter.  I love them because I think their ingredients and nutrient profile are truly the best.

A multivitamin is not a substitute for a healthy diet, but adding a vitamin supplement to a child’s daily routine is a fantastic idea to fill in nutrient gaps in their diet, especially those who are picky eaters.  It really is important that growing children are getting all of their recommended nutrients, since they are literally growing healthy bodies for the future.

If you haven’t started a kid’s vitamin, I’d recommend starting with a hard chewable like Animal Parade Gold.  Gummy vitamins are fine, and we have a large selection at the store, but if you can, it’s best to have children take a hard chewable vitamin, since they will have a better nutrient profile and a full listing of all the necessary vitamins and minerals.  Gummy vitamins are good for kids who won’t take anything else (for example, Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries Gummies are the most delicious things ever), but if you can get them to take a hard chewable, it definitely is better.