Hemp Seeds: They're Awesome (and are a great source of protein and omegas)

Have you tried hemp seeds?  If not, you really should. They’re delicious and are incredibly nutrient dense.

Hemp is related to the marijuana plant but does not contain marijuana's mood-altering THC. Hemp seeds are completely legal in the US. Hemp seeds, either in their shelled form or ground as hemp protein are a wonderful whole food that is a boost to any diet. Hemp seeds are high in protein and amino acids, in fact, one 30 gram serving of shelled hemp seeds has over 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of amino acids- three of which are omega 3 fatty acids which are so lacking in most American diets. Hemp seeds also contain the rare omega 6 fatty acids known as GLA. GLA has been shown to help with balancing hormones and lubricating skin. GLA is available in supplement form as borage or primrose oil softgels, but hemp seeds are the only whole food which GLA is naturally found.

Hemp has double the protein of flax or chia seeds (not that I’m badmouthing either of them- I love flax and chia) and hemp also has a broader spectrum of omega fatty acids as well as all ten essential amino acids. They also don’t contain gluten, soy, or dairy, so they’re a nice nutrient boost for people with food allergies.

For hemp seeds, we recommend the Nutiva brand, since I truly believe they’re the best. They’re organic (which also means they’re GMO-free), cold processed (heat can destroy some of the beneficial compounds in hemp seeds), and are completely chemical free. I’ve had other brands of hemp seeds which I didn’t think tasted as good- Nutiva’s hemp seeds taste absolutely delicious- they’re nutty, sweet, and savory all at the same time.

Check out our recipe section for two delicious hemp seed recipes, but they can also be eaten by themselves or sprinkled on top of salads and cereals. Hemp seeds are softer than seeds like sunflower seeds, so they’re easy to add to any foods. They’re also a great addition to a morning smoothie!