Men's Sexual Health

Since we wrote about women’s sexual health this month, I wanted to mention that we do have products for men’s sexual health as well. It’s estimated that over 30 million American men suffer from low sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction. In many cases it can be a side effect of health issues like high blood pressure or can even be caused by a number of common medications. 

The first thing I would recommend is maca root. It’s available in capsules or powder (the powder is a great addition to a morning smoothie or protein shake) and has been used for thousands of years for virility and male potency; recent research has confirmed that it can help with increasing sperm count and help to reverse sexual dysfunction.

Another supplement we’d recommend is Steel Libido for Men by Irwin Naturals. We wrote about the women’s formula for sexual health, but the men’s formula definitely deserves a mention as well. It has a variety of well-researched ingredients that work in several different ways to restore sexual function, including several supplements which help with increasing blood flow, which directly impacts erectile functioning. Just like the women’s formula, it can be either be taken on a daily basis or only used occasionally as needed before sexual activity.

All of our Steel Libido formulas for men and women are on sale during the month of February for 25% off.


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